Northampton Podiatry & Associates provide a high quality standard of podiatry care across a wide range of sites such as clinic, hospitals, care homes and patients own homes to improve mobility and ensure pain free activity.

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Our Treatments

The treatment of difficult to cut nails or fungal nails

As nails become thickened or fungal they may become difficult to cut and require professional podiatry treatment to cut, thin and change the shape of the nail.

removal of a painful ingrown nai

The surgical removal of an ingrowing or infected toenails

This is the permanent removal of a painful ingrown nail. The edges of the nail are removed under the administration of a local anaesthetic. Chemical cauterisation is applied to prevent the nail edge from re-growing.

Treatment of Verucca

A verruca is a virus that thrives on the epidermis of the skin where it can evade the immune system.

Dry Needling is a minor surgical treatment carried out under local anaesthesia with a needle puncturing the verruca virus and exposing it to the immune system to fight off.

Electrosurgery is an electrical probe applied under local anaesthesia which will desicate the verruaca tissues.

Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to produce a freeze of verruca tissues. Exposing the virus to the immune system so that it can fight off the wart virus.

Serveral treatments may be required. Treatment options will be discussed on your initial consultation.

Paediatrics & bio-mechanical correction with orthotics

This is the provision of corrective insoles or orthotics for biomechanical problem such as:

  • Flat or over pronated feet / hypermobile feet
  • Heel pain / planter faciitis / shin splints
  • Achilles Tendan Pathologies
  • Ankle pain / injures
  • Arthritic joint in the feet
  • Lower back, hip and knee pain associated with poor posture

Hard uncomfortable cracked skin and painful corns

Can occur when there is an excess of pressure or friction and the skin builds up. This becomes painful and pathological. It is advisable to have this treated professionally by a qualifed podiatrist.

Sports Injuries

Rehabilitation can involve the provision of orthotics to mechanically correct a muscle imbalance in the lower limbs or feet. Orthotic can improve the performance when fitted into sports shoes.

Heel Pain

Such as planter faciitis has a multifaceted causality and advice is tailored to the individual. Generally stretching out tight structures as well as provision of orthotics are two modalities that contribute to a beneficial treatment effect.

Diabetic foot health checks

People with diabetes have a higher risk of foot complications, which may lead to untreated infections and amputations. Diabetes foot checks can identify underlying complications such as neuropathy (sensation loss) or Peripheral Arterial Disease (reduced blood supply).

Diabetic foot health checks and good podiatry care and advice are important for people with diabetes.

Gait analysis and insole and orthotic prevision

Is the analysis of how the lower limbs & feet function in dynamic motion.

Foot health education and advice

One to one specific, bespoke advice and eduction is provided in a clinical setting. Or, I regularly provide ‘Education Workshops and Group Presentations’, on foot care, footwear, pathophysiology of diabetic foot and other foot pathologies.

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I had a septic corn. It throbbed in bed at night. I tried a corn plaster which made it worse. After treatment I was able to walk properly and sleep at night. It was such a relief.