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“Sarah cured my painful and unsightly big toe nail. I have never used a podiatrist before … my toe nails were generally in a very poor state. The difference is amazing..she has a lovely gentle way and put me at such ease, plus I was treated to a coffee….highly recommend her and can’t wait to visit again!”


“I chose to go to Northampton Podiatry and Assoicates. I was delighted with the help, expertise and professional advice and service I recieved and have told all of my friends that they should have their feet done there too.”


“I am under the consultation of the orthopods at the hospital and was advised that surgery would not be advisable on my knee.
On one side my knee is slightly flexed and bowing in. Despite this I still want to play social tennis! With the help of Northampton Podiatry and Associates and the provision of orthotics and physio I am able to continue to play tennis. I know that I am doing all I can to reduce the impact of the knee problem and continue my healthy lifestyle.”


“I have attended Sarah’s clinic for many years and have always found her friendly and efficient.”

CA Cowell

“I bought my son of 13 years in to Northampton Podiatry and Associates with an ingrowing toe nail. We had struggled for many months, going backwards and forwards to the GP surgery with infection after infection and no resolution.

At Northampton Podiatry and Associates the surgery was performed on the same day as the consultation. We had good experience and dont know why we did not book in for this earlier. Thank you Sarah”


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I had a septic corn. It throbbed in bed at night. I tried a corn plaster which made it worse. After treatment I was able to walk properly and sleep at night. It was such a relief.